About Us

Martin was born in 1962, to entrepreneurial parents.  From a young age he followed his family’s footsteps and developed his own dreams. Delivering a memorable experience and providing good service is what he lived for and still does to this day. Hence Tabooshh! of course!
He is a charming, social man, period. You can ask anyone who knows him well.
As a young adult, he ventured into the business of entertaining, with the popular Discoconut, known to many in the 80’s as a great bar & dancing.
His parents used to own the successful hotel Passangrahan and Restaurant Bellevue. A restaurant that featured many local Caribbean dishes, some of them inherited from his grandmother. Here is where Martin’s love for cooking rapidly evolved.
A few years after his parents retired from the industry, Martin ventured into the culinary business himself. Amongst other restaurants, he owned and managed the well-known Restaurant Tentaboka. Many great stories of Tentaboka can be told by its customers, many of which today are still his friends.Today, with the same fun, passion and dedication, Martin offers you his new and improved concept of Caribbean kitchen, born from a long line of culinary experience and family recipes, some of them up to 100 years old.
As a boss, he has a listening ear for his personnel and is always trying to improve things where necessary, both behind the kitchen scene but also to enhance guest’ experience. Martin also has a historical merit on his belt, as the designer of Curacao’s local flag.  An achievement, which he honorably carries. He is a long member of the local Voluntary Police Corps, Vrijwilligers Korps Curacao. Something he practises with great pride and dedication.
When you visit us, don’t feel shy to chitchat with him, he loves a good talk.
Come meet us and the team behind it all and let us take you on a delicious experience in a beautiful, yet relaxing and cozy atmosphere by the water.